Elk 16.5Vac Transformer


• Elk 16.5Vac Transformer includes, Auto-Resetting (PTC) Fused Secondary
• Green Power On LED
• Grounding Prong & Terminal
• Electrical outlet mounting tab
• UL Listed
• Wire Strain Relief
• Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Elk 16.5Vac Transformer Description:

• Elk 16.5Vac Transformer includes, Auto Resetting (PTC) Fused Secondary.
• Green Power On LED (light emitting diode)
• Grounding Prong & Terminal
• Elk Electrical outlet mounting tab
• UL is additionally Listed
• Wire Strain Relief Power
• Also features Lifetime Limited Warranty

Elk 16.5Vac Transormer

Additional Specifications:

• Input Voltage:
• Output Voltage:
• Output Power:
• Size: 

• Color:

120 VAC, 60Hz,  .43A
TRG1640 = 16.5 Volts A.C.
TRG2440 = 24 Volts A.C.
TRG1640 = 45 VA.
TRG2440 = 40 VA.
H=4.14″(105), W=2.74″(70), D=2.2″(56)

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