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ADT IR Illuminator


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ADT IR Illuminator Description:

ADT IR Illuminators are devices which emit light in infrared spectrum. They can be active devices which emit their own infrared light like various objects or passive devices which reflect the infra red light which falls on them. One of the major application is in night vision cameras.  The ADT IR Illuminator incorporated in the night vision camera is actually an IR LED which emits light in infrared band. This IR light is reflected by objects and is collected by the camera lens. Infrared imaging is not only useful of surveillance but also for applications like checking heat insulation of buildings, checking thermal pollution of water bodies etc.

Video surveillance system has to be functional 24 hours a day. Therefore appropriate white or infrared lighting is necessary to provide this functionality. While designing the system consider lighting as an important part of the whole system.

Our ADT IR Illuminator is  ideal for surveillance when ambient light is either not present or too dim. If the array on your  camera is too narrowly focused or is not strong enough, one of our outdoor ADT IR Illuminator options can provide an extra source of invisible infrared light.

This IR Illuminator does not come with a plug. It is recommended you add one like this one.

ADT IR Illuminator Features:

60 pcs. IR LEDs
Ø5 / 12µ LED Size
170FT. IR Distance
45° Light Angle
Ideal for Long Range IR Illumination
IP66 Rating for Water Resistance
Auto Activated
DC 12V, 500mA (IR LED On)

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