The Importance of a Monitored Home Security System

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The Importance of a Monitored Home Security System

The Importance of a Monitored Home Security System

Having an alarm system in your home is certainly a good idea but if that system is not being monitored then you really are not getting the benefit that you should. There are few advantages to systems that are not monitored. ADT Home Security Monitoring however, can provide you and your family with a number of benefits and understanding these benefits will help you to better understand why monitored systems are becoming so popular.

Protection at All Times

Not only does a monitored security system give you protection, it ensures that protection around the clock. Sophisticated computer systems are responsible for monitoring a home security system. The computer system that is monitoring your home is designed to instantly alert the monitoring company if and when an issue arises. Things like fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and break-ins will be instantly reported to the monitoring company who can then respond for you. Security companies typically attempt to contact homeowners at the first sign of a safety issue and they will also notify the appropriate authorities. Instant notification to the fire department of smoke detected in your home could save your home, your family and your life. Monitored home security systems are essential for anyone who wants to feel safe in their homes at all times.

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose a monitored system is to protect them from fire. House fires are dangerous, particularly during the nighttime hours when your family is sleeping and you may not notice the smoke. When your home is monitored however, you can rest easy knowing that you and your local fire department will be notified at the first sign of a dangerous fire. Many alarm systems also have buttons on the keypad that allow you to notify the security company if you notice a fire. This button typically goes straight through to your local fire department so they can be on their way to your home quickly. Many companies also offer monitoring for carbon monoxide which is important if you use gas appliances, a gas fireplace or other sources of this deadly gas.

Medical Benefits

Now that you know the key benefits of a home security system that is monitored, it is essential that you understand the other benefits. There may be instances some time down the road when you are medically ill or injured and cannot reach your telephone. In these instances, your security system will allow you to call for help with just the press of one button on a medical pendant. For the elderly living alone or anyone who lives alone, this is a great feature to have. You simply never know when something may happen that could cause the need for medical attention. If and when you need to alert an ambulance service, your monitored security system will provide you with immeasurable benefits.

You have to consider that some alarm systems, those that are not monitored, may never get reported if and when they sound their alarms. If you have a fire alarm that sounds in the middle of the night, your neighbors may not even hear it. This means that no one is going to report your fire to the fire department and this could spell disaster. Burglar alarms are just as likely to be overlooked, particularly if you are home at the time that they are sounded. If your neighbors do not hear your alarm they may not call the authorities which means that you and/or your family will be in your home with a potentially dangerous criminal with no one to call for help.

Many homeowners worry about monitored alarms thinking that the police or fire department will be called for no reason. There are always stories of the police rushing into a home to find that the alarm has simply been triggered for some odd reason. You can choose an option on your home security system that will prevent these embarrassing moments. Most systems are set up so that the monitoring company calls the home before the authorities are alerted. If you do not answer the phone when the security company calls you then and only then will the police or fire department be notified of a potential danger in your home.

If you have ever worried while on vacation because you have left your home unprotected or gone to bed at night worrying about fires breaking out in your home, a monitored system is something that you should seriously consider. Many think that these systems are only for those in high cost homes or celebrities who need protection but this is not the case. Every homeowner deserves to feel safe in his or her home. Every homeowner has the right to know that their home is protected. Monitored home security systems are not expensive and the packages for monitoring are certainly worth every dollar. If you are serious about protecting your home and your family, a monitored system is the best way to do that.

Please contact us for more information on monitored home security systems and to learn more about their basic functions as well as the cost for installation and monthly monitoring.


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    Posted at 10:45h, 17 December Reply

    It’s great that you elaborated on the importance of having a security system at home. Since my grandmother’s living alone now, we’ve been thinking of ways to make sure she’s okay at all times. I appreciate you helping me learn more about how with a security system, you can alert an ambulance immediately if something were to happen. This definitely could be a great option for us.

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