Why Can’t I See My Camera From My Phone App Anymore

How to View Your Cameras on your Smartphone

Why Can’t I See My Camera From My Phone App Anymore

Why Can’t I See My Camera From My Phone App Anymore

So your camera phone app isn’t working. What do you do? Don’t panic! Here are a few steps to take to troubleshoot the problem.

Did you get a new router or internet service? If so, you will need to set up your router to forward to your DVR so your camera phone app will work again.

If you didn’t change anything and it stopped working, it might be because your IP address changed. Every internet connection in the world has its own IP address. So unless you are paying the internet provider, the internet provider can change the IP address whenever they want. Because of this, if your camera phone app stops working, you first want to check if your IP address has changed.

Check your IP Address

  1. Open the camera phone app on your smartphone (This app might change)
    1. click the icon on the top left (squares
    2. then click devices
    3. then click the arrow on the right and it will take you to details where you can see your IP address
  2. Google what is your IP
    1. Google “What is my IP address” and check to make sure the IP address on Google matches the IP address on your app. If it’s not the same, click on the “edit: button on the top right and change it to your public IP address. Then, SAVE. (go to Google and type that in)

Check the Recorder’s IP Address

The router tells the camera phone app where to go to get the information (Tells the app to get the information from the NVR) Router is the “gatekeeper” to tell where information should go to.

  1. Login to your router
    • Port forwarding: Your router sends information from a certain port to do a specific function
    • Anything that connects to your router, the router gives it a specific local IP address that is unique to your local network
    • You should set up our router to forward ports (80,8000, and 8554) to the NVR (Like a forwarding/phone extension system, and using TCP not UDP)
  2. Make sure the local IP address for the recorder is the same IP address the router is tell it to go to.
    • If you don’t know what the IP Address for your recorder is…that’s okay! Most people don’t.
    • There is a way to make it static instead of dynamic, meaning it will stay the same and not change anymore. If this has not been done, look into getting it done
  3. See how many devices are connected to your internet
    • If you know how to log into your router, your router will list everything that is connected
  4. How to log into router:
    • Most people do it by typing in (Or it may be
    • Login information: If you don’t know what it is, it is possibly:
      • Username: Admin
      • Password: password
    • If you still don’t know how to login, google your router and look for a user guide
  5. Assuming you can log into router and port forwarding is already set up, look at two things;
    • First: The list of devices connected to the router (or internet)
    • Second: A section called “Advanced Set-up” where you will find the port forwarding information
      • Once you are here, you can then edit the local IP to forward to if it is incorrect
      • Chances are, right now it is forwarding to the local IP address of Or or…etc
      • Using trial and error, if you change the last number, save, try the app again, and repeat, you should be able to find out which is the correct local IP address
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