Honeywell’s Lyric Panel Syncs with HomeKit – Now Control With Siri

Lyric Panel Homekit

Honeywell’s Lyric Panel Syncs with HomeKit – Now Control With Siri

Good news for Honeywell Lyric Panel owners: your security panel is now compatible with Apple’s Homekit.

What does this mean? Let’s break it down.

What Is Apple’s Homekit?

Apple’s Homekit is Apple’s smart-home software that runs on Apple devices and allows you to manage any lighting, locks, and thermostats that are connected to Apple’s Home app.

This smart-home software can act as a master control when it comes to managing security devices. By that I mean Apple’s HomeKit allows you to run compatible devices from different companies on the same platform. No more needing to hop into different apps to control different security devices.

Homekit also allows you to create scenes, or custom device settings. For example, if you have a morning scene, that may mean your compatible lights and thermostat are on certain settings. Or you may have an “away on errands” scene that turns off the lights and locks the doors, or a “movie-watching” scene that turns off all the lights in your tv room. 

Those who have Apple devices are familiar with Siri, Apple’s built-in “assistant” that operates based on your verbal commands. That means you can use voice commands to manage the software and devices.

All of this is pretty cool so far, right? It gets even better.

Honeywell Homekit Security

Honeywell announced that its Lyric Panel is now able compatible with Apple’s Homekit.

That means you’ll now be able to manage any compatible devices on your Lyric system through your Apple Homekit.

Yup, devices on your Honeywell Lyric system like your Lyric Motion Detector, thermostat, and more will now be able to run with Apple’s smart-home software, and you can now control them with voice commands via Siri.

Apple will also be releasing their version of Amazon’s Echo, called the Homepod, which means you’ll be able to utilize Apple’s Homekit without even using your phone!

Monitoring your home has just become even easier.

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