Do Alarm Systems Really Protect Your Home?

Do Alarm Systems Really Protect Your Home?

Nearly 30 percent of all home invasions are no-force entries. This means that 30 percent of homeowners who are burglarized each year fail to lock their windows and doors. This means that many burglaries may be completely preventable if homeowners take the time to ensure that their homes are secure.

Of course, this also means that of all home invasions every year, 70 percent of those burglaries involve forced entry where windows and doors are securely locked and burglars get in or try to get in anyway. Is a home alarm system really essential? Many would say that they are and for good reason.

The National Neighborhood Watch Association recommends that homeowners take three vital steps in securing their homes – deter, detect and delay. Deterring home invasion begins with ensuring that you have sturdy locks and that you use those locks. For many, it also means putting up a sign that lets potential invaders know that the home is protected by a home security system. Many burglars would prefer to attack homes that are not protected. If you have a sign in your yard or on your windows telling would-be burglars that your home is protected by a home alarm system, you stand a much better chance of deterring those burglars.

Another good deterrent is to always make it look like someone is at home. Most burglaries occur when homeowners are away from home so if you make it look like you are at home at all times, burglars will think twice about attempting to enter your home. Many experts recommend that you leave a radio or television running when you are gone. At night, you should leave at least one light on inside your home so that it looks as if you are there.

Detection is another essential element in protecting your home. You want to know when someone is attempting to enter your home without your permission. A barking dog is always a good detection device and many homeowners consider their security systems to be their best detection. A system that has a monitoring service is an even better choice. When you have a home security system in place, it alerts you, and in the case of monitoring services it alerts the authorities, when someone attempts to break into your home.

Home security systems are available in many styles and many price ranges. It is perfectly feasible to find a good system for detection no matter what your price range. You should ensure that the system you choose has motion detectors which are essential in detecting when someone is in your home.

Delaying a burglar is also important and while you should never, ever attempt to delay criminals by yourself, it is important that you make it difficult for those criminals to enter your home. Delay simply means that you make it as difficult as you can for criminals to gain access to your home. Locking your windows and doors is important as is ensuring that your basement, garage and other entry points are secure.

Home security systems can help you to deter, detect and delay criminals and help to ensure that your home is always safe from intrusion.



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