Fire Safety and Procedure Tips

Fire Safety and Procedure Tips

Fire Safety and Procedure Tips

One of the greatest fears for many people is having their house burn to the ground. Many organizations have told people how to prevent fires in their house, and firefighters teach how to safely escape a burning building.

Fire Safety and Procedure Tips

This post condenses fire safety information for readers, from how to detect a fire to how to safely escape one when trapped in your home. So here are some fire safety and procedure tips you should consider.


The most important measure that people can take to stay safe is to put a fire alarm in their house. The best place to put fire alarms are in a hallway, bedroom, or any room that doesn’t normally have something that could accidentally turn the alarm on. Also make sure that the place where you place the alarm will not be a place where you would want to place a burning candle.

Always make sure that the fire alarm is working by testing it out every couple of weeks. The best type of fire alarm is a monitored smoke and heat detector since it will contact the ADT Monitoring Station automatically if there is an emergency. Then they can notify the local fire department.

Escape Tips

Although many people consider escape plans as basic, they should still discuss them. Every person, when they move in to a new house, needs to make sure they know where the fire escape routes are, and that they are easily accessible. In families with children, the parents need to make sure that their children know the fire escape routes. Families should also run a drill once or twice a year to make sure that everyone is on the same page as to their escape route and that each person can get out of the house in an orderly time. The parents should also make sure that each room has a window that a grown individual can easily get through in case of an emergency. They also might need a ladder or a way to get out of a deep window well.

If there is a fire and the fire has grown to block all the doors, then there still needs to be a way out. One idea is to store a window-breaking hatchet in a safe and secure, but reachable, place. This can be used to break a window and create a hole large enough for everyone to climb out and into the yard. There should also be a blanket next to hatchet to spread over the broken glass shards, so that no one gets nasty cuts.

Emergency Notification

Once a person actually sees the fire, they need to call the fire department, immediately. Fires spread very quickly, so it’s important that each person gets out of the building in under two minutes. Remember to never go back for any items. All those possessions can be replaced.

Make sure before a fire happens that each member of the family has emergency contact information; write down each member of the family, and the quickest number to contact them by. Put that sheet of paper into a purse, wallet, briefcase, backpack, book bag, etc.

One of the best ways to achieve both fire notification through smoke alarms and calling the fire department is through installing a home security system with fire alarms and automatic notification of the fire department. This gives your family peace of mind to focus on getting out of a fire safely while the security system takes care of important details. Home security systems also communicate with emergency dispatch faster than is often done by other means.

            When a family feels confident that they can be safe in the event of a fire, it brings peace of mind to the parents and the children. Use proper planning and learn the right techniques to keep your family safe by preventing and in the worst case scenario surviving a house fire. Contact us for more information about fire safety and other home protection plans.

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