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What Do I Do If My Video Doorbell Is Offline?

What Do I Do If My Video Doorbell Is Offline?

A video doorbell (like the Slim line Doorbell Camera, or the Skybell HD Ring Doorbell Camera) is a great way to keep tabs on who is coming to your door. You can also talk with people through the video doorbell while you’re out.

Has your video doorbell is offline and you’re no longer able to check in and see who is at your front door?

There are two reasons why your device may have gone offline.

Let’s run through what they are and what you can do get your video doorbell back up and running.

Reasons Your video doorbell is offline

Much like your other wireless video cameras, your doorbell video camera may have gone offline due to:

  1. Loss of power
  2. Wifi Signal Strength

Loss of Power

Check to see if your video doorbell has power. Once you’ve done that and confirmed your video doorbell has power, it may be a good idea to power cycle your device.

To do this, hold down the button until the LED flashes blue and then release.

If your device is still not showing up, it may be a wifi problem.

Wifi Signal Issue

Your wifi may need to be reset in order for your video doorbell to come back online in your system. In order for it to work properly it needs to have at least 2Mbps upload speed at the location and a 90% signal strength or higher is needed for best operation. 

So simply unplug your router or modem from the power outlet let it rest for about 30 seconds. Then power it back on.

If you log into and click on video you can check the signal strength of the video doorbell and see if it needs to be stronger or not. You might want to improve your WiFi in the home. One option is getting a WiFi mesh system like this one.

Bonus: Skybell Doorbell Troubleshoot

If you have an video doorbell, here are some additional steps to try if your device is currently not working:

1. First things first, check to see what the signal strength is. Your wifi signal strength may be the issue.

2. If it isn’t recording, try toggling the recording schedules off and on from the app or website.

3. If it is still not working, try and power cycle the doorbell. To do this, hold down the button until the LED flashes blue and then release.

4. You can also try and delete it from, factory reset it and then learn it back in. To do this:
  • Go to your App or website login for and delete the doorbell.
  • Hold down the button until it is flashing yellow for factory reset – around 80 seconds.
  • Now use the App to add it again under the doorbell camera option on the menu on the top left.

What do the Doorbell LED Colors mean?

  • If the LED is Green it is Ready and working normally
  • If it is white it is because it is in call mode or it detected motion
  • If Yellow it is starting up and doing its booting sequence
  • If the LED is alternating between Red and Blue or pulsing Blue (Slim Line), the doorbell battery is charging. Usually takes less than 30 minutes.
  • If the LED is alternating between Blue and Green it is connecting to Wifi and waiting for server connection
  • If the LED is alternating between Blue and Yellow a firmware update is in progress

Requires Attention

  • If the LED is Orange and doing a rapid double flash there is no Wifi Connectivity, Check you internet connection, make sure your wifi credentials didnt change. Enter Wifi Access Point mode and re-add the doorbell camera using the app.
  • If the LED is flashing a double red light there is a power supply issue. Check the power and you might need to replace the power supply.


  • If the LED is flashing red and green it is in WiFi Access Point Mode so you can learn it in. If you are not in this mode and want to be you can push and hold the button for around 60 seconds and then let go.
  • If it is flashing blue it is power cycling – if you want to power cycle press and hold for around 70 seconds then release
  • If Flashing yellow it is factory resetting – if you want to factory reset it press and hold for around 80 seconds and then release.

The Slimline doorbell has a few differences in the LED meanings

  • It is blue when starting up not yellow
  • When the battery is charging it is pulsing blue not blue red
  • If there is a power issue it will rapid double flash blue instead of red
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