How to Reset Your ADT Pulse Gateway

How to Reset Your ADT Pulse Gateway

How to Reset Your ADT Pulse Gateway


If you’re having trouble using the ADT Pulse features of your system, or if you’re seeing a “status unavailable” message on your mobile app, you’ll want to reset your Pulse Gateway.

Don’t worry, though. Your alarm system is still working, but you’ll need to reset your ADT Pulse Gateway so  you can use the Pulse features, like:

  • Remote Arm & Disarm
  • Controlling your lights
  • Adjusting your thermostat
  • Accessing any video cameras

These features rely on the gateway’s communication with the pull servers.

Let’s run through step by step how to reset your Pulse Gateway, so you can see how easy it is!

Resetting Your ADT Pulse Gateway

Make Sure Pulse Gateway Is Powered On

You’ll want to locate your Pulse Gateway, which most of the time is close to your internet router.

Once you find it, check to see:

  1. If the LED lights are on
  2. If you’ve plugged it into the wall

It’s also a good idea to check out the outlet to make sure it still works.

If your gateway didn’t have power, and you need to connect it to the outlet, go ahead and plug it in and give it about 5 minutes to reconnect.

Ensure Pulse Gateway Is Connected to Your Router

Once your Gateway Pulse has power, go ahead and double check that you’ve connected it to your internet router.

Also, you might have installed a couple of WiFi extenders with your system. If that’s the case, make sure those that you’ve connected to the router via an Ethernet cable or wireless connection and that you’ve powered them on as well.

Check to See If ADT Pulse App Is Working

Once you’ve double checked to make sure your Pulse Gateway is powered on and connected to your router, pull up your ADT Pulse App to make sure it’s working.

If it isn’t working, go ahead and power-cycle your gateway and router. To do this, disconnect the power from the wall and turn them off.

Let them rest for a few minutes, and then boot up your router first. After your router has power and connection, turn on the gateway, and give it about 5 minutes to connect.

It’s That Simple

That’s it! Resetting your Pulse Gateway is a piece of cake.

Please let us know if this article helped you and if you have any additional questions we can help with.

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