Enjoy ADT Energy Savings by Installing ADT Pulse

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Enjoy ADT Energy Savings by Installing ADT Pulse

Many people think of security systems as being something that will make their homes safer. What they may not consider is the fact that they could actually realize a savings on their energy bill by installing ADT Pulse. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy ADT energy savings when you install this revolutionary new system.

What is ADT Pulse?

ADT Pulse is a home automation system that lets you perform several functions remotely, including:

  • Arming and disarming your security system
  • Monitoring flood sensors
  • Adjusting the temperature of your home
  • Turning lights on and off
  • Changing the temperature on the thermostat

ADT Pulse also can also perform a variety of other functions automatically, including turning off lights when no one is home and automatically disarming to allow children, maintenance workers, or pet sitters access to your residence.

This system contains many important features, such as a battery backup, panic buttons, and high decibel interior siren. It can be remotely armed and disarmed using the accompanying remote phone control.

Energy Saving Benefits

The fact that you can better control energy usage means you can save a great deal of money by using ADT Pulse. Simply lowering your thermostat when you’re not at home can save you hundreds of dollars every year. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends turning back your thermostat by a few degrees whenever you’re not at home to reduce your energy consumption.

Turning down your thermostat even one degree can reduce your power bill by as much as 5%. Reducing the temperature ten to fifteen degrees for eight hours or more can decrease your operating costs by up to 10%. Since heating or cooling your home accounts for approximately 40% of your total energy costs, you could realize a significant savings, even if you only turn your thermostat down slightly.

The problem is that many people forget to turn down their thermostats in their quest to get out the door each morning. That’s where a system such as ADT Pulse can come in handy. It automatically reduces the temperature, giving you one less thing to worry about. You can also set the system to increase the temperature of your house just before you return. Then it’ll be at a comfortable level when you arrive.

Eliminating Waste

ADT Pulse can help you reduce energy waste in a number of ways. For example, it can also turn off lights, television sets, and other electronic items that you may have inadvertently left on. Over time, this can amount to a significant amount of savings, since the biggest waste of energy comes from leaving on the television or allowing lights to burn throughout the night.

It’s often difficult to eliminate wasteful practices, because you may not even realize they are occurring. With ADT Pulse, you won’t have to think about whether or not you’ve turned all the lights off in your home before going to bed at night, or worry that you might have left an appliance or television on. This system automatically monitors these things and then makes adjustments as needed. You won’t notice any difference in the way your home operates, but should definitely see a decline in your energy bill.

ADT Pulse can also save you money through reduced homeowner premiums. Homes with security systems suffer fewer losses, so your insurance will love you. Saving money is only one benefit. It will also give you peace of mind in knowing your loved ones are safe. To find out more about the benefits of ADT Pulse, please contact us.

ADT Energy Savings

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