Break in yesterday in West Valley City – Eight tips to prevent a break in while on vacation this year

Break in yesterday in West Valley City – Eight tips to prevent a break in while on vacation this year

I just got a call from a gentleman that said his father’s home was broken into yesterday in the early hours. He found my number by typing in ADT Security West Valley City in google search. His father lives in Hawaii and keeps the house in West Valley City as a second home. The younger sister also stays there sometimes but she was on vacation visiting her dad for the last few weeks.  The son thinks they came in the basement window, but the burglars took lots of electronics and even took their Expedition right out of the garage.

If you are leaving your home vacant for some time this summer or if you have a second home these things are recommended to reduce break ins.

1. Have a security system installed before you leave. (Preferably with Zions Security Alarms, ADT Authorized Dealer) A security system is the largest deterrent to burglaries.

2. Have lights that turn on and off at different times so a home appears to be occupied. The best way to do this is with ADT Pulse. You can have light switches or lamp modules turn and and off at different times that are scheduled or just from your smartphone or computer.  The old fashioned way is to buy some timers at home depot or walmart and plug lamps into them and set them to go on at a certain time and off at a certain time each day. (This can look predictable so the random times are always the best)

3. Have a neighbor pick up newpapers or flyers left on your door every day. It is an obvious sign when you have flyers all over your front porch from neighbors inviting you to parties and solicitors leaving brochures.

4. Ask the post office to hold your mail while you are gone. It is an obvious sign if your mailbox is packed and overflowing.

5. Clean up the overgrown bushes and trees before you leave. This way neighbors and patrolling police can see your yard and there are not as many places to hide.

6. Install outdoor lighting. Most homes have exterior lights. Add them to your ADT Pulse system and put them on a random schedule. Or buy a $40 timer switch at home depot and install that. This way every night your lights come on around dusk and turn off around dawn. Who wants to break into this kind of home?

7. Park a car outside your home. Most homes with a car out front look like someone is there. You could even ask your neighbor to move the car from time to time or see if he wants to park his car at your house sometimes while you are gone.

8. Install Video Surveillance. Homes and Businesses with security cameras are less likely to be burglarized. You can also check in on the place from time to time to make sure everything looks as it should.

I hope this helps. If you have any other recommendations please leave them in the comments.

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