ADT Pulse Review Interactive Security System and Home Automation

ADT Pulse Review Interactive Security System and Home Automation

ADT has had their new ADT Pulse Review Interactive Security System and Home Automation. They have released it to their ADT Dealers, but only the first part – called Select by ADT Corporate Sales. The second and third are still only offered by ADT corporate Sales. It is gaining popularity with increasing amount of TV commercials and word of mouth.

ADT Pulse Review Interactive Security System and Home Automation

ADT Pulse Review Interactive Security System and Home Automation


The ADT Pulse release for dealers has some great features. The most popular of these feature is the ability to turn the system on and off from an iphone or smartphone. You can also manage the alarm and account from an online portal from any computer. You can also set up email/sms text alerts very easily with this first ADT Pulse package. It starts at $199 and $49.99/mo. This first level can be added using just the cellular radio that is installed inside of a Lynx Plus Panel.

The next level called Advantage now incorporates the ability to control thermostats, lighting, and small appliances. Currently you can control thermostats on the first level, but only having two temperature settings. One for armed away and one for off or stay. With this level it adds on the ability to control a thermostat manually by adjusting the thermostat one degree at a time. You can also replace light switches or add lamp modules and turn lights on and off with this level of ADT Pulse.  The alarm system communicates with the light switches and thermostats using a wireless technology called Z-Wave. This second and third tier require a high-speed internet connection and the installation of the iHub.

The last level of ADT Pulse incorporates video surveillance. You can add cameras that are wireless (they still need to be plugged in) all over the house and see live video. They will also record a history of maybe a week or so.

As usual, it seems that you do not need to pay more to have service with the largest alarm company in North America. Other companies like Vivint charge the same or more, but are much smaller and have quite a few issues on the BBB with a D rating.

There are some really good videos out there that help show what ADT Pulse is all about.  Here is one of them.

Here is another video where a woman describes its benefits in a more casual manner.

I especially enjoy this video where Larry Greenburg does a review showing the ADT Pulse system that he installed in his home. He shows the components including the iHUB, thermostats, lighting, and cameras. He shows the touchscreen keypad that you can get with the third keypad. He also shows the online portal where you can access your system. Below is a picture of a screen from the portal.

You can download the iphone application here for adt pulse.

They have received lots of media attention already including a visit on the Today Show from the Security Mom. Click on that link to see it. Here is another video where ADT Pulse is on the Fox News.

In the next year the second and third tier will be available to ADT Dealers. However, currently ADT authorized Dealers can only offer the first tier which is just to manage the ADT monitoring service remotely. See the post on the new Honeywell Tuxedo or the post on the new Lynx Touch that have Z-wave abilities. Zions Security Alarms does currently offer home automation features to control deadbolts, light switches, etc…, just not using the ADT Dealer program at this time. Please contact us for more information.

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