What is the Best Way to get an ADT Home Security System?

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What is the Best Way to get an ADT Home Security System?


There is a special promotion that most people prefer to get. It is particularly beneficial for those people that want to protect more than 3 doors or windows. If you only need 3 door or windows this is not for you.

Lets say you want to cover 3 doors and 10 windows but you only get 3 for free with the standard package. This is for you!

Usually you would expect to pay $80-$125 for each additional door or window sensor. Zions Security Alarms only charges $60 for additional door or window sensors. But what if there was a way that you could get 7 more wireless door or window sensors for only $28.57 each?

For only $200 more ($299 total) I can give you 10 doors and window sensors instead of the usual 3. This saves you $220 immediately! Everything else on the offer on the home page would stay the same. But you could cover 3 doors and 7 windows.  If you had 10 windows you would then need to add 3 more at $60 each, or $180. Total installation cost would then be $479.

If you are looking at the ADT Pulse Packages or the Cellular Monitoring Packages, you can just add $200 to the initial installation price and get 10 instead of 3.

With this package you are getting the best protection for the price.  Mention this offer and get your system installed today.


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