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ADT Authorized Dealer in Utah and California best option for the money

zions security adt dealer savings

ADT Authorized Dealer in Utah and California best option for the money

ADT-or-ADT-DealerMany people are confused why there are ADT Dealers and also ADT Inside Sales. Here is the scoop.

ADT adds around 1,000,000 new customers a year. Around half of those come from ADT Authorized Dealers. Dealers are independently owned and are able to be more flexible in pricing than ADT Inside Sales.  My estimates are usually $500-$700 less expensive than someone that has called ADT Corporate. (Many people have gotten estimates from both and told me they saved that much) Usually the ones that sign up with ADT directly are either not concerned about spending an extra $500 or are in too big a hurry to look around to notice.

Not all ADT Dealers are the same. Some dealers do not inform customers that they are a dealer and hide behind general phrases like “Protect Your Home”. Their customers sign up over the phone thinking that they signed up with ADT, but little do they know it is a large dealer on the East Coast.

Some dealers use aggressive sales tactics and try to get people to sign up right away. Usually they have low BBB ratings because they are too aggressive and do not inform their customers sufficiently.

Some dealers paint a picture of low cost with promises of rebates and saving galore. When their technician shows up and charges above average cost for an extra few sensors those initial hopes of a wise low cost choice are out the window.

It is best to find an ADT Authorized Dealer that has a high BBB rating like Zions Security Alarms (A+).  Many people have found that with Zions Security Alarms you deal with a small business owner directly and are informed when you make a decision. You are also getting the best price with the highest quality equipment and installation. You know what the costs are going to be for extra equipment before the technician arrives.

There are two types of people in this world, those that sign up for ADT service without talking to Zions Security and those that get ADT Security Service with Zions Security and have money left over to buy a new plasma TV.  Which are you?



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