Honeywell Compatible Wireless Smoke Detector

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Price: $120.00

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The Honeywell Compatible Wireless Smoke Detector is one of the best additions you can make to your security system. If your system is monitored for burglary it can now be monitored for fire just by adding this part. It is half the price of the Wireless Honeywell Smoke Detector but very good quality still.

It is photoelectric and has a heat detector as well.

It is wireless and can be added to a Vista or Safewatch Pro 3000, if you have room on a wireless receiver and if you have a programming keypad. If you do not have those you might need an additional part and/or a technician service call.

It can also be used as a replacement for an old 562st-adt wireless smoke detector. (those are now discontinued)

Do not forget that you will still have to program it into your alarm panel. We can help you with a phone tech support or with a visit from a technician.

It can also be added to the Lynx Plus or Lynx Touch Panels along with the 2GIG ones.


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