ADT TS Keypad Wall Mount Plate

Price: $25.00

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ADT TS Keypad Wall Mount Plate

The ADT TS Keypad Wall Mount Plate is the wall plate you need if you have an ADT TSSC Keypad and you want to mount it to the wall. The TS Keypad usually does not come with the wall mount bracket so it may currently be on your counter or nightstand.  If you have this you can mount it to the wall and then run the power cord behind the wall. (but you need this new plug to run the wire behind the wall) You may also want to buy a tool to help you run the wire behind the wall.

The pictures below show what it looks like, front and back. (The TS Keypad is not included but is there to show you what the wall plate is meant to mount.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.03.26 PM

Additional Items you may want to add to the ADT TS Keypad Wall Mount Plate (shipping is free when order is over $200)

  1. ADT Pulse Garage Door Controller $169 (control your garage door with ADT Pulse!)
  2. ADT Pulse Camera $150-$250 or Camera Extension cable 12 ft $20
  3. Solar Yard sign Light $5
  4. Lighting Controls for ADT Pulse Starting at $59
  5. Deadbolts for ADT Pulse starting at $175
  6. Thermostat for ADT Pulse $150
  7. New ADT Pulse Color Touchscreen Keypad $299
  8. Another TS Keypad $200

How long will it take to arrive?

It will ship USPS from our office in Utah (expect around 3-7 business days) unless you add a light switch, lamp module, garage door controller, camera, or thermostat. If you add any of those devices it will ship UPS Ground and arrive sooner. (2-4 business days)

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