Wireless ADT Motion Detector

Wireless ADT Motion Detectors are the third line of defense.

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Wireless ADT Motion Detector


Wireless ADT Motion Detectors are the third line of defense. The yard sign and stickers being the first and doors the second. Motion detectors are made to protect the inside of the home or business when no one is there. The motion detector is usually placed in the center of the home in a strategic location. This way if someone enters through a window that does not have a wireless window sensor on it the alarm will go off as soon as they walk in front of the motion. Sometimes it is a good idea to have more than one motion detector if you want to have an earlier warning of someone in a home or business. The motion detector covers about 90 degrees and around 35-45 feet away.

This motion detector is pet immune up to 80 lbs. This means that if the motion detector is installed in the right location dogs on the ground will not set it off usually unless they are more than 80 lbs. Cats or small dogs could set it off if you point it at stairs and the pet walks up the stairs. This would trick the motion into thinking that the pet is 5-8 feet tall.


How do I know it’s working?

The proper way to test a motion detector is to arm the system in the away mode and then leave the home or the room with the motion detector for five minutes. This gives the motion time to reset since every time it senses motion detection it goes to sleep for a few minutes to conserve battery life. Usually, the battery life is between 5-10 years depending on how much motion there is in the home or business.

These can be used in home or business. If you want to buy one look at our shop.

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