Wireless Door/Window Sensors

Wireless Door/Window Sensors

wireless door sensor

Protect the Entry Points on your Home

Did you know that 80% of break ins come through a door?

Wireless Door Sensors are the second line of defense. The yard sign and stickers being the first. Since most break ins come through a door it is the first entry point that we recommend protecting. You also want to have all the doors protected so that when you enter the system knows to give you the delay time to disarm the system. If a home had no door sensors than the motion detector would be on a delay instead of an instant like usual. In addition, if you have a sensor on a door or window you can see if it is open or closed. The keypad will tell you if you left it open!

The wireless door or window sensors are small, white, and rectangular. Usually mounted on the top of your door or door molding. Brown cases are also available. Its dimensions are 3-1/16" H x 1-9/16" W x 1-3/16" D. They can be mounted using a magnet or they can also be installed with a hardwired sensor that connects inside the transmitter.

If you have a home that is pre-wired you would use a hardwired door or window sensor and not these. Go here for the pre-wired options.

These can be used in home or business. Our small business specials are found here.

You can view custom size and shape door and window sensors here. There are many shapes and sizes. None are as reliable as the standard though.


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