Construction Security

Detect, Deter, and Alert in the Case of Intruders on The Construction Site

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Construction Security

The Edge Security Platform is always watching. It never goes on break. Avoid the expense and human error of physical security guards and rely on the always-on, simple, and cost-effective alternative. No other security surveillance and deterrence solution offers the same combination of advanced hardware, intelligent software, secure access anywhere, and professional maintenance — which makes LiveView Technologies a valuable partner for security services organizations looking to differentiate their businesses with uniquely capable and affordable video surveillance solutions.

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There are lots of good options to help you with your Construction Security needs and us at Zions Security Alarms can help. We can help you

• Reduce Vandalism and Theft from the Jobsite

• Reduce Liability from Trespassers

• View Jobs from office or phone and check on weather and contractors

• Allow your clients to monitor the progress of the job

• See Live video streaming from anywhere.

Our Mobile Jobsite Security cameras can help you detect, deter, and alert in the case of intruders on the construction site. They include a PTZ Camera(Pan, Tilt, Zoom) with a cellular connection that can be powered with solar.

Helping companies like Walmart, Utah Dept of Transportation (UDOT), Colorado Dept of Transportation (CDOT), Wyoming Department of Transportation

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• @ 24 watts (disarmed)

• @ 36 watts (armed)

• @ 100 watts (max – flood light on)

Battery bank capacity 460AH

Solar generation 560 Watts

100 amp power boost generation system (optional)