home security in bakersfield

The Best Home Security In Bakersfield

Just a few days ago, EyeWitness News reported a home invasion on Thursday, September 22, 2016 in Bakersfield, CA. During the robbery, the homeowner and his grandson were held at gunpoint, tied up, and robbed. Luckily no one was injured

Interlogix Concord Frequently asked questions

GE Interlogix Concord Panel: Frequently Asked Questions

Does your security system run off of a GE Interlogix Concord Panel? Whether you’ve had your GE Interlogix Concord panel for a while and want to brush up on some of its amazing features or if you just recently installed

ADT Pulse Cloud Link

ADT Introduces Cloud Link to ADT Pulse Portfolio

It has been years since ADT Pulse has been available in North America. ADT has more than 1 million ADT Pulse customers. Now they can more easily grow that number even larger. With the new product called Cloud Link any

new office with adt

Just Moved into an office that has an ADT System

As a business owner, you’re responsible for what seems like a thousand different things: payroll, managing employees, updating technology, optimizing your services, growing your business and revenue, the list goes on! The last thing you should be worrying about is

How to Keep An Eye On the Kids This School Year

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of silence, my friends. That’s right, school season is back in session. Kids are heading off to school, going to school sporting events in the afternoon, and other extracurricular activities. With the new

5 Fire Safety Tips you should Teach your Children

5 Fire Safety Tips you should Teach your Children Home fires claim more casualties in the United States each year than any other type of household accident. Children are especially vulnerable, which is why moms and dads everywhere should have

Stupid Criminals: 7 Social Media Fails

Everyone has that one social media friend who over shares. But most folks who treat Facebook like a diary are at least smart enough not to post anything that can get them arrested. The others clearly missed the memo. For

5 Tips to Stay Safe while playing Pokémon Go

Gotta Catch Em All: How Pokémon Go is Encouraging Crime and How You Can Stay Safe Pokémon Go has swept the nation and even the entire world… and while the popular app may be the best thing since peanut butter

How do I know what kind of ADT system I have?

How do I know what kind of ADT system I have? Is your home or office outfitted with ADT’s top-of-the-line security system? You may have a couple questions about your system down the road or want to upgrade your hardware

The Top 10 Home Security Mistakes

The Top 10 Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

Home Security Mistakes As the owner of your home, it’s important to take responsibility for everything that goes on in it. From making the necessary repairs if something gets broken, to being sure your taxes are paid on time, these

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