ADT Pulse Jasco Plug-In Dimming Lamp Module 45602WB

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ADT Pulse Z-Wave Dimmer Lamp Module 45602WB

Description of the Jasco 45602

This Lamp module has been replaced by the 45702 and is discontinued. This is the Lamp Module that has a dimmer built into it. It can be used for lamps but not with florescent light bulbs. Also cannot be used with other electronics or appliances. For those try the on/off lamp module.

Features of the ADT Pulse Jasco Dimmer Lamp Module

  • The 45602 easily enrolls to your ADT Pulse Wireless Network
  • Setup lighting schedules for energy conservation and increased security
  • Control dimmer switch manually or remotely
  • space efficient design
  • Adjustable dimmer for brightness control
  • Lamp Module includes one Z-wave AC outlet and one standard AC outlet for easy set up and convenience

Requirements to add the 45602WB

You must be able to add these to your ADT Pulse system already. By clicking on System and then Manage Devices. If not you will not be able to add it to your ADT Pulse system. jasco plug-in Dimming Lamp Module 45602WB

Maximum Incandescent Load - 300 Watts

Wireless Mesh Technology

This lamp module can be used to increase the strength and signal for other z-wave devices you want to add to your ADT Pulse system. All z-wave devices are tested to work at 65 feet through open air. The amount of walls and the type of walls reduce the distance. The more devices you add the stronger the signal and distance it will reach in the home or business.

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