replace my old adt cameras -How to replace your old analog adt cameras with the new hd cameras

How Do I Replace My Old ADT Cameras with New HD Cameras?

There are several reasons why you may want to update your old ADT security cameras with new HD cameras like the 2MP ADT Dome Camera or the ADT HD-TVI Bullet Camera. They may be old, out of date with the current technology, or

burglar deterrent

10 Burglar Deterrent Tips To Keep Your Property Safe

As a homeowner, you understand the major risk of burglary, regardless of where you live. Curious about burglar deterrent? Luckily, there are several different steps you can take to keep your family and your belongings safe from any unsavory characters

I Can’t Find My ADT KeyFob. Can It Be Replaced?

ADT Keyfobs are a wonderful convenience. Being able to disarm and arm your system as you’re running out the door to run some errands, or simply laying in bed, ADT Keyfobs make securing your house super simple. If you’re reading this

home alarm systems

How Home Alarm Systems Can Increase Property Value

The most important function of home alarm systems is to keep you and your family safe. But they also provide a number of other benefits, including increasing your property value. As it turns out, home buyers aren’t just looking for

LTE vs 3G: What’s the Difference?

If you own a smartphone and you’ve ever looked in the corner of your screen, you may have seen 3G or LTE. And guess what? If you have a security system, it runs off of one of these, too. But

ADT and Amazon Release the ADT Pulse Skill for Echo and Echo Dot

ADT announced its integration with Amazon Alexa back at CES in January 2017, but this week they have it released for the public. All you have to do is add the skill and set it up with your ADT Pulse account.

ADT Security in Utah

ADT Security In Utah

In just one day in Salt Lake County, incidents of burglaries, private property damage, and trespassing occurred. While it’s true no matter where you live there will always be crime, protecting your home with a top-of-the-line security system is a

5800combo in box

Honeywell Releases First Combination Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Honeywell has released the first wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector ever, called the 5800Combo. Read more to find out all about the newest arrival to the home security world, what it can do to protect you and your family,

Lynx Touch: Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Lynx Touch: Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Congrats you have a Lynx Touch, and you found our blog post where we can help answer some of your questions. It is a fairly easy intuitive keypad and alarm system since it has a nice touchscreen with lots of information and

Worn Security Keypad Buttons Compromise your ADT Security System

Could Your Worn Security Keypad Buttons Compromise Your ADT Security System?

Every physical thing we own will eventually experience wear and tear. From our cars, to our homes, clothes, and even our ADT security system keypads. Our security system keypads certainly will exhibit signs of use over the years. It’s inevitable.

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