ADT Solar Yard Sign Light with 3 LEDs

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ADT Solar Yard Sign Light with 3 LEDs is a solar light that can be used for whatever you would like to light up at night. Whether it be an ADT Security yard sign or some other sign. (An ADT Sign is not included unless you add it separately) This has a clip that you can put it directly on the top of the sign. It has 3 LEDs to generate three times the light as the other Solar Yard Sign Light and I think it does a better job above rather than below. (See the photo below to compare the difference)

If you would like to use it for other applications you can use double stick tape (not included) Metal screw brackets included. Rechargeable AAA battery is included and is easy to replace when its useful life is gone in normally 36 months. Use Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable 1.2v 600 mAh or higher mAH to replace.

Use for landscape lighting, house numbers, walkways, mailboxes. ADT Solar Yard Sign Light with 3 LEDs needs to be in direct sunlight for 8 hours daily to recharge.

  • Durable plastic housing is ideal for outdoor installation
  • Clear lens helps create bright illumination
  • Black coloring will blend in with outdoor decors
  • Mount on decks, handrails, stairways, trims, porches and more for outdoor illumination
  • Weather-resistant construction to withstand outdoor elements
  • 3 super-bright white LED bulbs charge through solar power by day and turn on automatically at night
  • Crystalline solar cell and advanced circuitry provide up to 8 hours of solar-powered illumination
  • Powered by 1 rechargeable AAA NiMH battery for each light, that's included for easy setup (this shows 6 lights but only 1 is included.)

Automatically on at dusk off at dawn. Unit is weather poof. It is not water proof.

The metal will rust if by a wet location, or use water resistant paint on them before mounting.

Use the nature of solar power and go green. Led bulb lasts over 100,000 hours.

ADT Solar Light Comparison

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