ADT Pulse High-Definition Video Touchscreen Keypad HSS301-1ADNAS

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Price: $299.00

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ADT Pulse High-Definition Video Touchscreen Keypad HSS301-1ADNASThis is our newest release - The ADT Pulse High-Definition Video Touchscreen Keypad HSS301-1ADNAS.

The High-Definition (HD) Video Touchscreen is a higher performance product that will enhance the home automation experience. Designed specifically for ADT by Netgear, the touchscreen replaces the current color touchscreen (HS101ADT-1ADNAS). The new touchscreen is much less expensive (only $299 instead of $499) allows you to view HD camera images on an HD screen. (ADT will soon be releasing the HD Cameras) It also comes with the ability to mount on the wall (wall mount kit needed) where the previous version did not. It has a removable battery that can be replaced easily when it reaches end of life. (The only downside is that you have to have the Netgear Gateway or the TSSC Base station to add this. All of its functionality will not work with the older white iHub. Everything seems to work except you cannot see the cameras. So if you have the old white iHub and you want to see your cameras on the keypad you need to upgrade your iHub to the Gateway or purchase the HS101 instead. This keypad is also not compatible with the ADT Cloudlink)

  • Video in high definition (720p) HD video functionality offered by Pulse (HD cameras only)
  • Sturdy design for improved drop resistance
  • Integrated charging and docking station
  • Longer battery life - 8-hour battery life with intermittent interaction
  • 2 hour streaming live video
  • End-user replaceable battery
  • Tabletop or wall mount charging station for customer convenience (wall mount kit sold separately)

It is black and works off WI-FI just like the old Netgear HS101 and the GE one.

You can control the alarm system, lighting, thermostats, and cameras all from one keypad. (assuming you have ADT Pulse light switches, thermostats, and cameras of course) If you have a deadbolt you can control that as well.

The greatest advantage of adding one of these keypads (besides it looking really cool and you can impress all your friends) is that if you are home you do not need to log into ADT Pulse on your phone, tablet, or computer to gain access to the system. If you have this keypad it is ALWAYS logged in and very easy to use.

In order to add it just click on the Systems Tab and then Manage Devices. The first tab on the top left is Touch Screens. You can have 4 touchscreens. Click Add on the bottom, then select the touchscreen and type in the Mac ID. Then click continue. They learn in very easily. Go here for more detailed instructions on how to enroll using the WPS method.

If the keypad is 50-75 feet from the ADT Pulse iHub you may need to add a Wi-Fi Range Extender. 


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