burglar deterrent

10 Burglar Deterrent Tips To Keep Your Property Safe

As a homeowner, you understand the major risk of burglary, regardless of where you live. Curious about burglar deterrent? Luckily, there are several different steps you can take to keep your family and your belongings safe from any unsavory characters

Stupid Criminals: 7 Social Media Fails

Everyone has that one social media friend who over shares. But most folks who treat Facebook like a diary are at least smart enough not to post anything that can get them arrested. The others clearly missed the memo. For

Fire Safety: Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

According to the US Fire Administration over 1.3 million fires occurred in 2011 resulting in 17,500 injuries and over 3000 deaths. Many families fear a fire especially at night when everyone is asleep. This is a valid concern as the National Fire Protection

Do Alarm Systems Really Protect Your Home?

Nearly 30 percent of all home invasions are no-force entries. This means that 30 percent of homeowners who are burglarized each year fail to lock their windows and doors. This means that many burglaries may be completely preventable if homeowners

ADT Pulse Deadbolts Kwikset SMart Code Z-wave

Kwikset SmartCode Z-Wave Deadbolts drop in price

The deadbolts made by Kwikset called SmartCode with Z-wave (model 99100) have dropped in price. The retail price was $299 but you were able to get them for $249. Now they are only $199. You can go here to buy

Benefits of the ADT Pulse Alarm System

The ADT Pulse Alarm System is essential for home owners who want control along with security. The system was introduced by ADT in 2010 and takes home security systems to the next level. Users can enjoy much more control and

ADT releases new rates and announces ADT Pulse tier II (ADT Video) and tier III (ADT Home Control)

ADT announced today that ADT Authorized Dealers can now offer ADT Pulse with Video starting at $399 and $58.99/mo and ADT Pulse with Home Control starting at $499 and $59.99/mo. They have also announced new rates for Basic Service $36.99/mo,

ADT Pulse Review Interactive Security System and Home Automation

ADT has had their new ADT Pulse service active for almost a year now. They have released it to their ADT Dealers, but only the first part – called Select by ADT Corporate Sales. The second and third are still

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