Honeywell Wireless Keypad for Lynx Quickconnect, Vista, or Safewatch

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Honeywell wireless keypad for lynx quickconnect vista or safewatch

This is the wireless keypad that can be added to your Wireless Honeywell System if you want to hear a chime sound, see a visual display, or have another place to be able to arm/disarm the system.

If you have a Lynx or Quick Connect system this is one of the only options you have for a second keypad. You can get this one or the version with voice.

If you have a Vista or Safewatch system this may work with your system but you do need to have a wireless receiver that is compatible. If you do not have a bi-directions wireless receiver it will not work. Also, if you have a vista or Safewatch system you can also add a wired keypad. Also, if you have a 5800 wireless receiver you could get this wireless mini-keypad.

When there is no ac adapter this keypad goes to sleep to conserve power. When it is in the sleep state it will no chime when a door or window is opened.

This is very easy to install but you must be able to enter programming mode in order to add it. (The house ID needs to be enabled)

You can mount it on the wall or on the tabletop. It is recommended that you add the deskmount kit either way so that it can always be powered on. It does not need the plug in adapter that comes with the deskmount kit since it comes with three AA batteries, but the "always on" operation is usually preferred.

If you have an ADT Pulse System you may be able to add one of the ADT Pulse Keypads

honeywell wireless keypad


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