adt success stories

ADT Success Story

It’s More Than Just A Security System Imagine that it’s a cold winter night, and you’re sleeping in your warm bed only to be woken up by an audible alarm in your home followed by a phone call from an

no false alarms

False Alarm Reduction Tips

Saving Time, Money and Resources Setting off a false alarm with your home security system can be terribly embarrassing, not to mention costly. If your security system sets off a false alarm in Los Angeles, the police department will charge

adt pulse image with keypad and laptop

ADT Touchscreen HS101ADT can now be wall mounted

Do you have an ADT Touchscreen HS101ADT and always wanted to mount it to the wall? Or have you been holding off buying the HS101ADT because it doesn’t come with a wall mount kit? The wait is over, the ADT Touchscreen

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