ADT Micra Recessed Window Sensor by Honeywell

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Price: $85.00

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ADT Micra Recessed Window Sensor - Wireless


Honeywell’s Micra recessed transmitter is a reed switch magnet contact transmitter that provides concealed protection for a window. It is so small that it virtually disappears once installed. With features including the cleanest, fastest installations, a battery life of up to 10 years and exceptional range, you’ll want to use it where aesthetics and discretion are critical.


  • Smallest wireless recessed transmitter on the market

  • Up to 10-year battery life

  • Includes rare earth flat magnet

  • Eliminates concerns of voiding window manufacturers’ warranties

My Thoughts

I am not sure huge fan of these. They look really nice, but only work half the time. Meaning that I think you will have issues with half of the ones you get. I recommend you only use them if you absolutely have no choice or if you are not worried about buying new ones every 4-6 years for half of them. Honeywell may have improved them some, but do you want to find out and test them on your home?


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