This Napco FireLink offers the most cost-effective solution on the market for fire alarm capabilities without breaking the bank. It is equipped with both cellular and Cell/IP communicator capabilities that give users flexibility and reliability in maintaining communication with the monitoring center. This device includes a built-in annunciator that simplifies the monitoring and control of your fire alarm system. This Napco FireLink ensures compliance with the most rigorous industry standards.

This Napco Fire Cell Radio provides a universal full event sole and dual-path 5G LTE-M cellular and/or IP connectivity. With this feature, it allows users to have seamless fire alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually anywhere nationwide. It is UL and NFPA 72 Fire Code-Compliant that adheres to the highest industry standards of fire safety systems. The cell radio also has an LED Status/Trouble Indicator that lets the users monitor the status of your fire communicator and quickly identify any issues that require attention. This Napco Fire Cell Radio comes equipped with labor-saving features that streamline installation and maintenance processes.

This Fire Pull Switch Case Extender is the perfect addition to your fire safety arsenal. The device provides unparalleled protection for manual pull stations, ensuring they remain fully operational when you need them the most. Featuring a bottom hinge mechanism, it allows quick and hassle-free access for servicing your pull station. It can be used in Indoor and Outdoor areas and has weather-resistant materials making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This Fire Pull Switch Case Extender complies with DA regulations (28 CFR Part 36), ensuring it passes all requirements for your fire safety. You can find the alarm module here and the weatherproof module here.

The Weather kit for Fire pull switch if combined with the case for a fire pull switch as well as the backplate it makes the case weatherproof. This is great for use if you own a facility outdoors or any switches located next to doors or any areas with possibilities of damaging electrical equipment. This comes with both the conduit gasket and the gasket flat which makes it weatherproof however it does not come with the fire pull switch or the backplate or the actual case. You can find both of those products here on our website, If you are looking for the case for the pull switch you can get it here

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