This Yale NexTouch Keypad Exit Trim integrates seamlessly with existing Z-Wave alarm and automation systems, including VeraEdge and VeraPlus controllers. With the Z-wave technology, this allows you to connect and manage your lock even if you're not home. The keypad is designed for flexibility and customization. While the exit device is sold separately, this allows you to choose the specific exit hardware that suits your needs. Experience unparalleled access control with the capability to program up to 500 unique user codes. Whether you need to grant access to family members, employees, or visitors, the keypad ensures you have the flexibility to manage permissions efficiently. It is powered with a reliable 9V battery power backup system that you can use for any battery failure or power outage. Its unique and versatile design enables the upgrade of the lock’s technology when needed.

This Touchscreen with Keyset Smart Lock features a Z-Wave Plus that integrates your smart lock for compatibility with most smart home systems. Enjoy the flexibility of granting access to family members, friends, and service providers with up to 250 unique PIN codes. The smart lock offers an Auto-Lock feature that will automatically lock after a set period, keeping your home safe at all times. In case of emergencies or technology glitches, the smart lock has a backup keyway option for you to gain physical access to your home. Generate temporary codes for guests or service personnel, which automatically expire after use, ensuring your home remains secure. In terms of wrong entry, after 10 failed unlocking attempts, the device will switch off for 3 minutes. Installs in minutes with just a screwdriver, easy to DIY.

This Keyless Pushbutton Smart Lock integrates with Z-wave Plus specifically designed for smart home devices to create a network of connected devices that can communicate and interact with each other. It has a One-Time PIN Code feature that adds an extra layer of security, granting temporary access to visitors without revealing your permanent code. You can set your lock to automatically engage after a specified period which ensures your home remains secure even in the hustle of daily life. If the battery runs low, you will have a USB-C port that will provide enough power to let you punch in your code and unlock your door.

This Keyless Touchscreen Smart Lock allows users to assign individual PIN codes for up to 250 users. It is perfect for homes, businesses, and rental properties, you can grant access to family members, employees, guests, and more, all with their unique codes. The smart lock also has a USB-C Backup Power Port that serves as an emergency power source for the Keyless Touchscreen Smart Lock. It features a backlit touchpad that ensures you can access the smart lock even in the dark. The smart lock is ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified, a testament to its durability and reliability in the security industry.

This Pushbutton with Keyset Smart Locks is designed to provide you with unparalleled convenience and protection for your access control system. With the combination of pushbutton and keyset, you don't need to worry about losing your keys again. It grants access to up to 250 users using personalized PIN codes. Create codes ranging from 4 to 10 digits that give you the flexibility to customize access for family members, friends, employees, or service providers. This smart lock is compatible with your existing door prep, and you can easily install this smart lock even if you're a DIY enthusiast or a novice.

This new IQ4 NS from Qolsys has the best top-level security for your home without compromising your budget. It doesn't have a touchscreen but it has almost the same features as IQ4 Hub and IQ4 Panel. It offers an 8-core CPU with full integrations. The panel has a PowerG wireless that guarantees an extended wireless range, ensuring that every corner of your home is covered. With this feature, it will secure your signal coverage and provide you an impressive wireless security. The IQ4 NS adapts to your security needs. Whether you're safeguarding a small apartment, a sprawling house, or even a business, its flexibility allows it to cater to spaces of all sizes.

This new Alula Connect+ Smart Security System is an upgrade of the Helix Wireless Security Kit. With its feature and advanced technology, the security system is designed to protect your home or business with efficiency and convenience. The device utilizes a trifecta of communication options - Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. This triple redundancy ensures a seamless connection to your cloud-based monitoring platform and guarantees that your property is safe even in the face of outages or disruptions. You can also take control of your security using a mobile app and manage your security system even from a distance with the Z-wave feature.

This new IQ Door Lock Power G offers a PowerG technology that ensures a reliable and robust wireless connection to the device. It has a communication range of up to 6000 ft (2 km line of sight) from other devices like a hub or smart device, making it reliably connected and ensuring you're always in control. In terms of range, this door lock is more reliable than any Z-wave door lock and provides you with easy connectivity to the system.

The Kwikset Thick Door Conversion Kit is the ideal option for individuals seeking a lockset for their thick doors.  The two longer screws and two screw extenders in this screw pack enable a safe and reliable installation on doors with a range of up to 2-1/4 inches in thickness.