This Replacement Screws for Cameras is designed as a replacement screw for cameras mounting bracket. It is made from high-quality stainless steel and these screws are corrosion-resistant. Each screw is precisely machined to dimensions to fit your camera mounting bracket securely. This Replacement Screws for Cameras is easy to install and allows you to easily replace worn-out or damaged screws and restore your camera to its optimal functionality.

This PoE Doorbell has a hardwired PoE capability that means no more worrying about battery replacements or power outages disrupting your security system. With a reliable power source, the doorbell stays operational 24/7, ensuring constant surveillance into your front home. It offers a 2MP video resolution that captures crisp footage of your visitors or potential threats with ease. The expansive FOV ensures that no corner of my property goes unnoticed and provides comprehensive coverage for your security system.

This Wifi Flood Light Camera offers a 4MP resolution and provides crisp and clear footage of your outdoor surroundings. Stay connected and in control with the two-way audio feature, enabling seamless communication from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. It can illuminate your surroundings with powerful 3000-lumen floodlights. This feature provides visibility and security even in the darkest situation. It is powered using a DC PSU to ensure consistent and reliable performance without the hassle of frequent battery replacements or power interruption. For a streamlined and reliable installation, the camera supports PoE.

This Slim Line II Doorbell Camera offers improved motion detection capabilities and IR night vision compared to its previous model. It features a sleek, unobtrusive design that empowers you with a clear view of your doorstep from anywhere. The camera accurately detects movements and instantly alerts you to any activity around your doorstep. The digital microphone and speaker enable seamless communication, letting you interact with visitors in real time, no matter where you are.

This SDS Gunshot Sensor provides unparalleled accuracy and speed in detecting gunshots, ensuring a swift and precise response to potential threats. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, the sensor can be connected to a PoE switch or directly to your local network. This seamless integration ensures a reliable and efficient power source, enhancing the system's overall performance. The device raises the bar for accuracy and speed in gunshot detection. The integrated microphones keenly listen for the distinct acoustic blast of a firearm, while the infrared sensors vigilantly search for the telltale muzzle flash. You can choose whether to flush mount it on the wall or ceiling or surface mount it on hard surfaces like brick or concrete. This versatility, combined with an impressive detection range, ensures that every corner of your space is effectively covered. The Field of View covers 2,500 square feet and direct line-of-sight is not required.

This SVR is designed to elevate your security system to new heights. With the capacity to record from one to eight cameras at an impressive 4MP resolution, this device ensures unparalleled clarity and detail in every frame. It has two ethernet ports to facilitate your local video network. These two ports provide the convenience of local viewing on your TV or monitor, providing a real-time glimpse into your property's security. Seamlessly integrates up to eight Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras for comprehensive coverage. It features a Smart View Player that enhances your monitoring experience, making it smarter and more efficient. Easily review footage, find key events, and identify clips for download. The inclusion of a USB 3.0 port sets the SVR apart, allowing customers to swiftly download clips using a simple USB flash drive.

This Water Dragon empowers you to take control of your water consumption like never before. With its intuitive mobile app, you can remotely monitor and manage your water usage, detect potential leaks, and shut off your water supply when necessary. Keep an eye on your water consumption trends, set usage alerts, and even remotely turn off the water supply to specific areas of your home, all from the palm of your hand. It has LED indicators that provide clear and instant feedback on the device's operational status, network connectivity, and any important alerts. The Water Dragon is designed to enhance your smart home ecosystem. With Z-Wave compatibility, it can seamlessly integrate into your existing smart home network, allowing you to control and automate your water management alongside other connected devices. It supports mains voltage ranging from 100-240 VAC at both 50Hz and 60Hz frequency.