DSC ADT Wireless Pet-Immune Motion

Price: $180.00

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DSC ADT Wireless Pet-Immune Motion

is a specialized wireless passive infrared motion detector using dual-element PIRs.Multi-Level Signal Processing (MLSP), temperature compensation and the large multi-beam lens design means the human target will not slip by unnoticed even on a hot summer day.We recommend backing up your security system's perimeter protection with full interior protection.If you have large pets, DSC ADT Wireless Pet-Immune Motion is a great way to maximize your interior protection.DSC ADT Wireless Pet-Immune Motion is pet immune up to 85lbs (for larger dogs) while other DSC wireless motion is only up to 60lbs.If using motion detectors as interior protection, it is important to have full perimeter protection so that your home is still secured during "stay mode."


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