ADT Wireless Slimline Door or Window Sensor

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ADT Wireless Slimline Door or Window Sensor is a thin wireless door and window sensor. It is compatible with all ADT Quick Connect, Safewatch Pro 3000, Total Security (TS), or Lynx Touch wireless alarm systems and all Honeywell wireless alarm receivers. It is around half the size of the standard wireless sensor, and can look nicer in some situations. Since it is smaller than the standard sensor it will also not get as much wireless range and battery life. I would be surprised if you could get it to work properly more than 75 feet from the wireless receiver. If you have casement or double-hung windows the ADT Wireless Slimline Door or Window Sensor might be ideal so it can fit in the narrower space.

ADT Wireless Slimline Door or Window Sensor

You can either mount it with the 3M double sided tape it comes with or the screws it comes with. You could also glue or silicone it in place but those do not come with the sensor.

It uses a AAA lithium battery and should provide around 5-10 years of use. You can try to use a AAA alkaline battery but you will probably only get around 1-2 years of battery life.



  • Sleek design is nearly half the size of the standard sensor
  • Case tamper protection (front and back)
  • Ideal for double-hung windows or casement windows
  • Easy replaceable AAA Lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 3.0" H x 0.5" W x 0.8" D
  • UL Listed


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