ADT Pulse RCS Battery Powered RCS Thermostat TBZ48

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adt pulse thermostat tbz48

This RCS Battery-Powered Thermostat TBZ48 can be used with the ADT Pulse system to change the temperature in your home from the internet or your smart phone. It needs to replace the existing thermostat you have in the home and then be tied into the ADT Pulse system. It can either use battery power or be connected to an AC adapter or get power from your HVAC system. You must have the option on your ADT Pulse portal to add this thermostat. Make sure you have that before purchasing.

The RCS Battery-Powered Thermostat TBZ48 is a Z-Wave enabled device. It works with other ADT Pulse Z-Wave devices and if it is wired to power it will also serve as a Z-wave repeater. If it is battery powered it will communicate on the network but not repeat the z-wave signal.

This is the best option if you do not have a convenient way to get the added power wire to your digital thermostat. It can run solely on batteries.

  • Replaces current wall thermostat
  • Operating Range from 32 to 120 degrees F
  • Temperature Setting Range 40-112 degrees F
  • Compatible with Central HVAC Systems or seperate Heating/Cooling Systems with seperate RH/RC transformers (split)
  • Standard Gas/Electric HVAC systems: 2 stage heating, 2 stage cooling
  • Heat Pump HVAC systems: 2 stage heating, 2 stage cooling
  • Fan System: Selectable for gas or electric heat systems
  • Heat Pump Change Over Valve (Reversing valve): Selectable for change over with heat or change over with cool (O or B output)
  • No option to control humidity

Also please review this blog post about tips on installing them and watch this video.

You can set up alerts to notify you when the thermostat has fallen above or below a specified temperature.

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