ADT Pulse In-Wall Dimmer Switch 45612WB

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This is the ADT Pulse In-Wall Dimmer Switch 45612WB that you would replace your light switch with if you want dimming ability and if you do not have florescent light bulbs.  It is pretty awesome because you can have lights dimmed to any level in a room from your light switch or from your ADT Pulse portal. It has been replaced with the newer version ADT Pulse Dimmer 45712 and it does not come with the cover plate (which can be purchased at any hardware store if you do not have one). If you purchase this you will just be shipped the new version the 45712.

  • Enrolls easily to your ADT Pulse Wireless Network
  • Setup Lighting Automations and Schedules for Energy Conservation and Increased Security
  • Blue LED Indicates On or Off State
  • Control Light Switch Manually or Remotely
  • Supports up to 600 Watts
  • Not suitable for florescent lighting
  • You can have up to 64 z-wave devices added to ADT Pulse

If you have more than one switch that controls the same lights you will want to add the Auxiliary Switch in addition to this Dimmer Switch.

If you want to keep your florescent lighting it is recommended you use the on/off switch not the dimmer switch.

ADT Pulse In-Wall Dimmer Switch 45612WB

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