ADT Security Equipment made by Honeywell

ADT Security Equipment made by Honeywell

ADT now uses two main manufacturers for its equipment. Honeywell and DSC. This page shows Honeywell (AKA Ademco) equipment. Click here to see the DSC equipment. They used to use GE Interlogix equipment but have reduced the amount it is used recently even though many existing customers still have it in their home or business. There are rumors of ADT using 2GIG equipment sometime soon, but there has been no announcement yet. There have been announcements of ADT having its own equipment made like the new TS Panel for ADT Pulse customers.

This page shows the most popular wireless alarm equipment that ADT monitors. More equipment and parts can be found in the shop. It also has a few hardwired keypads displayed. If you are looking for ADT Pulse Equipment or Video Surveillance Equipment please look at those pages. If you are looking for something and do not see it here please check the shop and then contact us and we will see if we can get it for you. There are also some home automation and other misc components listed.

LYNX plus

Lynx Plus Keypad and Panel  More Info
The keypad that has the most features built in out of any keypad on the market. Comes with an Alpha display, two-way voice ability, high decibel siren, back up battery, remote phone control, chime features, voice descriptions, and more. The keypad is usually wired to phone and power. New cellular back up units can fit inside the keypad if you do not have a landline phone or want to have a back up to your land line. User Guide, Quick Reference Card

lynx touch

Lynx Touch Keypad and Panel More Info
This is the new Lynx Touchscreen keypad. It comes with all the features of the Lynx Plus but has a beautiful color touchscreen display. It also has increased ability to handle more zones and more user codes. You can add a WI-FI module to it for $100 and a Z-wave module for $50. User Guide Quick Reference

ademco 5816 door window sensor

Door/Window Sensor $60
The most cost effective way to protect doors or windows. Usually mounted on the top of your door or door molding. Brown cases are also available. Its dimensions are 3-1/16″ H x 1-9/16″ W x 1-3/16″ D Go here to purchase

Ademco 5800pir-res wireless motion detector

Wireless Pet Sensitive Motion Detector $120
The motion detector can cover 35 to 45 feet out and around 90 degrees to create a trap zone that will sound the alarm if there is an intruder and still avoid pets that are under 80 lbs. Go here to purchase

5804 ademco keyfob

Keychain Remote only $60
This remote is crucial to make arming your alarm system more convenient. You can arm the alarm as you back out of the driveway or as you return to the home. It also has a panic button just in case of emergencies. The easier your system is to arm the more often you will use it. Go here to purchase

Smoke Detector Wireless Ademco 5808w3 $120

Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector $120
You may have smoke detectors in your home already, but they are not connected to ADT’s monitoring stations. Did you know that over 80% of fire deaths occur in the home? By adding one to your home help can be notified automatically in the event of a fire.Source: National Fire Protection Association 1998 Fire Loss in the U.S. and Fire in the United States 1987-1996 11th Edition Buy Here

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector $150
Let ADT help you protect your home and family from the odorless, colorless, and tasteless deadly gas that can overtake a person in just minutes. Buy now.

ademco wireless glassbreak detector

Wireless Glassbreak Detector $120
These will sense the sound of a variety of glass being broken. (tampered, wired, laminate, ordinary plate, etc.) They can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within a 25’ range of the window(s) wanted to be protected. Buy today here

thin door window sensor ademco wireless

Thin Door/Window Sensor $85
These are the most thin sensors available. Ideal for double-hung windows. Virtually disappears with its sleek design. 2-1/8″ H x 1-3/16″ W x 5/16″ D More info or buy here

ademco wireless recessed door sensor

Recessed Door Sensor $85 Buy one today
These are perfect for front doors and other doors that you would like to have the sensor recessed into the door jam instead of being visible on the door or molding when the door is closed.

adt wireless recessed roller plunger switch

Recessed Roller Plunger Door Sensor $85 Buy one or learn more here
These are also perfect for front doors and other doors that you would like to have the sensor recessed into the door jam instead of being visible on the door or molding when the door is closed. The difference is that is uses a roller plunger that is compressed to indicate a closed door.

adt micra window sensor

Micra Recessed Window Sensor $85
These are the smallest wireless recessed window sensors on the market. They fit in perfect where aesthetics and discretion are critical. Learn and Buy Here.

ademco wireless slim door window sensor

Slimline Door/Window Sensor $85
They are nearly half the size of standard door/window sensors. They are ideal for casement and double-hung windows. Dimensions: 3.0″ H x 0.5″ W x 0.8″ D

ademco wireless mini door window sensor

Ultra-Small Door/Window Sensor $85 Buy
These provide the perfect solution for difficult to reach places and applications where aesthetics and small size are important. Dimensions: 1-1/2″ H x 1-3/16″ W x 5/8″ D

Wireless Keypad

Wireless Keypad $120 Buy Here
It can be helpful to hear/see what is going on with your alarm system from a far end of the home and convenient to have another place that you can arm and disarm your system.

panic button

Panic Pendant $75
This is designed for those that may need help at the touch of a button. It comes with a belt clip, wrist band, keychain or necklace option. Water resistant so it can be worn in ths shower or bath. Comes in one button or two button style. Buy one here.

ademco wireless temperature and flood sensor

Wireless Temperature and Flood Sensor $120 Buy one now
Help protect you home from flooding due to water heaters, washing machines, plumbing, or natural disasters. You can be notified if there is water in your home or if the temperature gets too high or low.

ademco hardwired digital keypad

Hardwired Deluxe Keypad $100
Backlit keypad displays zone numbers to let you know if a door/window needs to be closed. New keypad has one touch arm features in a sleek new design. Compatible with all Vista panels and Safewatch panels. Go here to buy.

honeywell custom alpha hardwired keypad

Hardwired Alpha Deluxe Keypad $175
The Alpha deluxe keypad can give you written descriptions of each zone with the number to help you know which door/window is open. It is the best keypad to program the panel. Recommended for all owners of Vista panels for easier servicing. You can buy one here.

honeywell hardwired color touchscreen keypad

Hardwired Graphic Color Touchscreen Keypad $325
Have the ability to display all of your zones at once and scroll up and down them with the graphic touchscreen color keypad.

honeywell Tuxedo Touch

Tuxedo Touch Graphic Color Touchscreen Hardwired Keypad 
Have the ability to display all of your zones at once and scroll up and down them with the graphic touchscreen color keypad. This keypad can be used as a webserver for remote access. It comes with ability to control 232 Z-wave devices. Control Thermostats, lights, deadbolts, and more that are z-wave compatible. 7″ color display. 480 x 640 resolution TFT display. This is not an ADT Pulse Touchscreen Keypad, just a Honeywell one.  Available here.

honeywell touchscreen thermostat with zwave Honeywell Touchscreen Z-Wave Thermostat $185 Buy One here
Save money and energy with this touchscreen programmable thermostat with z-wave connectivity.
kwikset deadbolt z-wave

Kwikset Z-Wave Deadbolt $199 Buy Here
The SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect Technology featuring Z-Wave enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with the Tuxedo Keypad. The lock allows the user through a web enabled device to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive text or email messages. Available in brass and oil rubbed bronze also.

z-wave light switch evolve lrm-as

Z-Wave Light Switch ON/OFF or Dimmer $59-69/each. Click here to buy
These light switches can be installed in your home or business in place of existing switches. With the z-wave compatibility they can be controlled from ADT Pulse, the Tuxedo Keypad, Internet, or smart phone.

honeywell zbridge

Wireless Relay and Garage LED $75
See if your system is armed or not from the garage and also set back thermostats and turn lights on and off when you are your alarm. This has an led that shows if your system is armed. It also adds the ability to Lynx and Vista Panels to set back the temperature on a z-wave thermostat or turn a light on/off when armed/disarmed. More info

yard sign light adt

Solar Yard Sign Light $5/each
Allow others to know your home is protected even at night by lighting up your yard sign. Buy here

Lynx 4 Hour Back up battery

Lynx 4-Hour Back Up Battery $25/each
Replacement back up battery for Honeywell Ademco Lynx panels. Compatible with Lynxren, Lynxr-I, Lynxr2, Lynx Plus, and Lynx Touch. 4 Hour Back up battery Buy Here

Lynx 24 Hour Back up battery

Lynx 24-Hour Back Up Battery $35/each
Replacement back up battery for Honeywell Ademco Lynx panels. Compatible with Lynxren, Lynxr-I, Lynxr2, Lynx Plus, and Lynx Touch. 24 Hour Back up battery Buy Here

Vista 24 Hour Back up battery

Vista Hardwired 24-Hour Back Up Battery $25/each Buy Now
Replacement back up battery for Honeywell Ademco Vista panels. Compatible with most hardwired panels like DSC or GE. 24 Hour Back up battery

wireless replacement battery

Wireless Replacement Battery $5/each
Replacement battery for most Honeywell Ademco wireless devices. Door Sensors, Window Sensors, Motion Detectors, Smoke Detectors, and Glass Break Detectors all use this battery. Buy Here


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