How Do I Set the Date and Time on an ADT Alarm System?

Did your power shut off and cause the date and time on your ADT alarm system to reset? No worries, let’s run through how you can quickly set the right date and time on an ADT alarm system and get things working!

What does the yellow triangle mean on my ADT DSC Impassa Alarm system

Do you own an ADT DSC Impassa alarm system, and have you noticed a yellow triangle symbol on your DSC ADT Alarm system? You may be wondering what it exactly means. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Let’s quickly discuss what

Moving This Summer? Don’t Forget to Take Your System Or Get A New One

Summer can be just as relaxing as it can be hectic. Family reunions, vacations, kids are out of school—the whole shebang. But what about trying to move on top of all of that? For our security system customers, we know

Simon XT Panel: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Simon XT Panel owner, or are you looking to get one in the not-so-distant future? Well, you’re in luck. Welcome the Simon XT Panel: Most Frequently Asked Questions blog, where, you guessed it, we’re going to answer

Palm Springs Security: The Best System

With over 2,000 counts of theft and over 700 reports of burglary over the past year in Palm Springs, CA, it’s true: crime is indeed everywhere. The only way to completely avoid crime is to maybe buy your own island

replace my old adt cameras -How to replace your old analog adt cameras with the new hd cameras

How Do I Replace My Old ADT Cameras with New HD Cameras?

There are several reasons why you may want to update your old ADT security cameras with new HD cameras like the 2MP ADT Dome Camera or the ADT HD-TVI Bullet Camera. They may be old, out of date with the current technology, or

I Can’t Find My ADT KeyFob. Can It Be Replaced?

ADT Keyfobs are a wonderful convenience. Being able to disarm and arm your system as you’re running out the door to run some errands, or simply laying in bed, ADT Keyfobs make securing your house super simple. If you’re reading this

LTE vs 3G: What’s the Difference?

If you own a smartphone and you’ve ever looked in the corner of your screen, you may have seen 3G or LTE. And guess what? If you have a security system, it runs off of one of these, too. But

ADT Security in Utah

ADT Security In Utah

In just one day in Salt Lake County, incidents of burglaries, private property damage, and trespassing occurred. While it’s true no matter where you live there will always be crime, protecting your home with a top-of-the-line security system is a

5800combo in box

Honeywell Releases First Combination Wireless Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Honeywell has released the first wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector ever, called the 5800Combo. Read more to find out all about the newest arrival to the home security world, what it can do to protect you and your family,

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