Top Burlgary Fails you have to see

Top Burglary Fails of All Time

To burglarize and break into someone’s home or business takes a special kind of idiot. But these people take home invasion stupidity to the next level. I guess you could say karma is real, right? Let’s dive right into the

ADT Security In Los Angeles

According to a report in the LA Times published earlier this year, crime in Los Angeles (Police Department in Woodland Hills area) has risen 24% since the year 2014. This statistic had residents calling for more police patrol, and rightfully

What Is 10x More Likely to Damage Your Home Than a Fire?

Fire damage is no joke. House fires are absolutely devastating. But guess what? Your home is 10x more likely to be damaged by something else, other than a fire. What could it possibly be? Water damage. That’s right. Water damage

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