How to access a DVR remotely using port forwarding and a static IP address.

We have installed many DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and about half the time our customers want to be able to view the cameras remotely. Most DVRs come with this ability but we are unable to support it entirely because we

adt pulse portal

How to add an ADT Pulse Camera to your ADT Pulse System

We have been getting calls asking if they can buy an ADT Pulse Camera from us and install it themselves.  If you already have ADT Pulse with Video you can do it. If you do not have ADT Pulse with

no burglars

Did you know that if there is a false alarm rate of 99% it is a good thing?

There are some that comment that 99% of police dispatches are false alarms. How is this good? Well if you think of a the context where you compare a burglary with a false alarm, which would you prefer? It is

Benefits of the ADT Pulse Alarm System

The ADT Pulse Alarm System is essential for home owners who want control along with security. The system was introduced by ADT in 2010 and takes home security systems to the next level. Users can enjoy much more control and

home security

What is the role of a home security system, alarm system, or security system?

The security system’s purpose is many times misunderstood.  Some seem to think that an alarm system is meant to catch a criminal. Really it is not. Sometimes they help lead to an arrest, but the main roles of a security

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